Change or Repeat the Past

  • It’s no surprise to realise life’s accumulated ups-and-downs take their toll on your body and are contributing to your current state of health.
  • Your responses to many life experiences have, through a cycle of repetition and reinforcement, caused the build-up of physical, emotional, mental and chemical stresses and traumas in your body and life.
  • Without changing the way you respond to events and circumstances, it is likely that those same repeated and cyclical patterns and behaviours will take you right back to where you started and continue to prevent you from living the life you deserve.
  • In other words, if your choices and behaviours don’t change, it’s not reasonable to expect anything other than the same outcomes.
  • In order for you to unlock the potential and vitality inside you, the body’s programmed responses need to be changed, or upgraded as we prefer to call it.
  • We believe it makes much more sense to upgrade you to a new, better way of living, where you reap the benefits, rather than to restore your life back to how it used to be and allow the same stresses to build up inside you yet again.
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