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Life Assessment

Wellness Chiropractic Melbourne

Whole-Person Examination

Establishing baselines and monitoring progress

  • Comprehensive biometric testing
  • Reveals how you actually perform and function, beyond just what and how you feel
  • Provides the facts to create a directed plan
  • To break free from recurring cycles of pain, stress, and fatigue
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What is Wellness Chiropractic? 

Wellness Chiropractic refers to practices where Chiropractors offer care to those people who are feeling well, not necessarily just those who are experiencing pain or suffering. 

It works on the understanding that pain and other symptoms are often the last signs the something is wrong.  Think about how you look after your teeth.  Do you wait for pain or have regular check-ups to avoid waiting for the accumulating hidden decay to be visible?    

Wellness Chiropractic is part of a proactive lifestyle.  It is easier to stay well than to get well.  Do you exercise to stay fit or wait until you are weak and then begin to exercise? 

Wellness Chiropractic practices may also include supporting their clients with lifestyle advice.  At Diskin Life, our 3 Step Vitality Process integrates our whole-person approach, utilising the practices of Wellness Chiropractic to create a personalised plan for your individual needs.   


Your New Client Life Assessment takes place over two one-hour visits.

  • Your first visit is designed to get to know you, your concerns, goals and objectives.
  • Through your whole-person examination, using state-of the-art biometric technology,  we will investigate, reveal and identify how your body is actually working, and possible limitations.
  • We look for the deep-seated underlying patterns, that may have created those seemingly (to date) unchangeable recurring cycles of pain, stress and fatigue.
  • This will enable us to clearly and objectively establish and determine your baseline health.
  • Your initial results will be used to accurately track, compare and monitor your progress, efficiently, effectively and optimally.
  • Your assessment findings will be carefully studied, so your results and recommendations can be prepared for your next visit.
  • On your second visit, part two of your Life Assessment; we will share with you what we discover, and how we may contribute towards you actualising your health and life potential.
New Life Assessment Wellness

Your second visit will reveal the results and recommendations of your assessment

We will:

  • discuss your results and recommendations:
  • report what we found, what it all means, and answer all your questions.
  • provide you practical recommendations and strategies to proactively facilitate optimal outcomes.

You will:

  • be given choices, including self-help actions steps to accelerate your progress.
  • usually be able to begin your Integrative Chiropractic UPGRADE care on this visit, provided we believe we can help you and are ready for what we propose.
New Life Assessment

What is Comprehensive Biometric Testing?

Comprehensive Biometric Testing

How to Choose a Chiropractor

Comprehensive Biometric Testing

Tailored for Individuals

By knowing how your body actually works, and what  may be limiting your potential, based on factual scientific evidence, we can tailor a plan based on your individual needs.

It’s MUCH MORE than just a functional diagnostic tool.

For many, it also goes a long way to explaining past structural, performance and behavioural challenges; and why certain things either don’t work, or only work to a limited degree. It can be quite revealing, educational and relieving to finally understand why things are the way they are, based on new knowledge and understanding of what’s actually going on inside.

The BIOMETRIC physical assessment may include some or all of the following, in addition to observation, examination and study of your body movements, reflexes, strength, organ function and other nerve and spinal examinations testing:

Surface Electromyographic (sEMG) scanning

EMG scans assess muscle activity levels and balance patterns, by monitoring the electrical signals through your nerve system.  The harder the muscles work, the more electricity they require via the nerve system.  The EMG accurately measures these electrical signals on both sides of the spine with surface electrodes.

Surface Electromyographic (sEMG) scanning
sEMG scan

Thermal scanning

Thermal scans assess how your Autonomic Nerve System is functioning, which is controlled by the same part of the nerve system that runs your organs and glands.  Thermal scanning measures skin temperature on both sides of the spine, with non-contact infrared imaging sensor technology.

Thermal scanning
Thermal scanning

Pulse Wave Profiler (PWP) Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

The PWP HRV provides feedback about how you and your body adapt to stress and your environment, which is a key indicator of preventable stress.  The correlation between improved HRV and improved state of overall health is representative of one’s ability to adapt to their environment.  Your HRV assessment, uses state-of-the-art technology, to better understand your current health status, and provides another way to monitor your level of wellbeing.  HRV testing is done by analysing data collected from a special hand sensor that detects, analyses and assesses your body’s various physiologic functions.

Heart Rate Variability Scan by Diskin Life

Progressive Digital Posturography (PDP)

PDP measures how much extra stress you may be carrying on your spine as a result of your posture.  Its a is a technology which captures your posture with a digital camera, and uses proprietary software to analyse it.  The analysis determines your posture as compared to ideal.  The system measures, in

millimetres, how far you may be from ideal, as well as the increase of stress, in kilograms, it may be placing on your spine as a result.

Comprehensive Biometric Testing

Low-dose Digital Spinal X-rays (when necessary)

These blueprints of your spine allow us to more thoroughly evaluate your alignment, biomechanics, wear and tear patterns and congenital anomalies.

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