3 Step Vitality Process

3 Step Vitality Process

Our 3 Step Vitality Process provides an effective framework to inform, guide and monitor your progress for sustainable outcomes.

Step 1:


Comprehensive Whole-person Consultation and Examination

Biometric Insight Technology-Based Assessment 

Feel Better, by knowing objectively how your body actually works, and what else may be limiting your potential, based on the facts, to determine your needs, then create a plan of action.

Your comprehensive Life Assessment is a critically important foundation to establishing your concerns, goals, needs, and your health baseline, clearly and objectively monitor and reference future progress.

This way, we can accurately keep track of where you are health-wise, create and modify your plan to advance your health efficiently, effectively and optimally.

holistic chiropractic care

Step 2:


Integrative Chiropractic
Brain-Based Nerve System Adjustments

Be Better, by continually and progressively enhancing your performance potential by tuning, synchronizing, retraining and reprogramming your neurological body patterns to sustainably better adapt, perform and enjoy an optimized quality of life.

Who doesn’t want to be Upgraded?
You can upgrade your software, your flights and your accommodation, so why not upgrade your health, wellness and life!
Doesn’t it make more sense to upgrade to a new and better version of life, as opposed to just putting up with the status quo, or trying to fix what you have by restoring it back to how it used to be, to your old self, patterns and life?
If you continue to use your current programming or revert back to what you had, isn’t it reasonable to expect those same patterns will bring you back again full-circle to where you are now, instead of the new you that you want to be?

Integrative Chiropractic

Step 3:


Wellness Education
Ultimate Supportive Strategies for Sustainability

Live Better, by progressively and proactively optimising your lifestyle with sustainable systems, concepts and action strategies.

Wellness Education at Diskin Life, includes 12 weekly one-hour Lifestyle Mastery presentations, workshops and special events, to provide the necessary mentoring, support and strategies to sustainably optimise your continued well-being, adapt to life, and live a life without limits…

Our weekly Lifestyle Mastery Presentation™ series, and guest presentations, as well as interactive hands-on workshops, together offer our clientele a whole-person and multi-dimensional approach to self-care management, to support their professional care and optimise their healthier living potential.

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