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A Corporate Wellness Potential Program

Your ability to enjoy peak performance and productivity, is determined by the degree to which your body and mind integrate and interdependently function, so you can continue to adapt to life’s stresses, and support your wellbeing.

Dr Ari Diskin is available to provide his Corporate Wellness Potential Programs, to facilitate this outcome, including informative and enriching Healthier Living and Working™ presentations and follow-up Wellness Care advice and care.

This unique service is offered to select corporate clientele, by direct referral only. These organisations will reflect a value of caring for and supporting their employees as a fundamental priority, to then be congruent role models, and ultimately to better support and serve their clientele.

Corporate Events

After an initial meeting with the organisation’s representatives, typically an introductory presentation is provided.  Subsequently presentations can be arranged, specifically tailored both by topic and duration, and as well as various opportunities for the organisation’s employees to access Dr Diskin privately for preliminary “Stress Audit” reviews, or more comprehensive high-tech LIFE ASSESSMENT™ appointments.

Why Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness programs are designed to help:

tick Improve employee morale, enthusiasm and passion for work
tick Boost energy, performance and productivity

and reduce (if not prevent) issues such as:

tick chronic stress and fatigue
tick lack of concentration and focus
tick injury and illness
tick absenteeism and employee turnover
tick need and therefore use of health care benefits

A company’s employees are the most important part of their company, and our programs can literally change their lives forever.

Dr Ari Corporate Wellness

Improve Your Company’s Performance, Productivity and Profitability

Healthy and happy employees are key factors in increasing a company’s productivity and performance which lead to larger profits:

tick They are not as susceptible to illness and therefore, do not use as many sick days.
tick They perform at peak levels.
tick Their concentration remains focused for longer which leads to better quality work and results.
tick Employee longevity is very cost efficient.
tick Employees who are valued by their employer are less likely to leave.

The Cost of Unhealthy Employees

Absenteeism is costing Australian business $7 billion annually Cost of presenteeism to the Australian economy is $25.7 billion. Presenteeism corresponds to 3% of a company’s gross wage sum.

Conditions Experienced By Unhealthy Employees

The highest medical condition experienced by unhealthy employees is neck, back and spinal pain 29%.
Source: “The health of Australia’s workforce”, Medibank Private Research report, November 2005.

Improving Employee Wellness Is the Solution

Diskin Life’s Corporate Wellness Potential Program identifies health concerns and recommends appropriate action to improve employee wellness, to:

tick Increase employee performance and productivity
tick Enhance your corporate image
tick Providing greater value to clients and ultimately be rewarded by growing profits

Every organisation’s success is dependent on the performance of its employees.

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Diskin Life’s Corporate Wellness Potential Program