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Wellness Education

Optimizing performance potential with Self-Empowerment

  • Lifestyle Mastery Presentations and Bonus Events
  • Practical lifestyle concepts and strategies that actually work
  • Progressively refocusing and incorporating new learnings (one percenters)
  • To sustainably grow and advance resourcefulness

Empowering you to sustainably express your potential with momentum

  • Your everyday lifestyle behaviours; particularly how you move, eat and think, are essential to support you in optimising your Chiropractic care and quality of life.
  • Our Wellness Education program will inspire and empower you with practical lifestyle modification advice and effective tips, tools and strategies that actually work.

Lifestyle Mastery Presentations
Exclusively for Clients

 The exclusive to Clients, 12 one-hour Lifestyle Mastery Presentations are offered Thursdays 6-7pm.

  • The three monthly themes include Move Better, Eat Better and Think Better
  • Additionally, the first Thursday of each month is an essential Respond Better topic.

See the sequence and topic descriptions below:

Move Better

Master your ability to naturally move and access energy more intelligently, effectively and efficiently.


  • Energy
  • Exercise
  • Posture



Move Better

Eat Better

Master why, what, when and how you eat, as well as optimising the effects of nature, and the many other chemicals and lifestyle factors within your control in your environment.


  • Healthy Eating Fundamentals  
  • Healthy Eating Advanced  
  • Environment


Eat Healthy

Think Better

Master how you focus your mind and think.


  • Stress     
  • Mindfulness     
  • Longevity


Think Better

Respond Better

Master your understanding of why and how Chiropractic Care at Diskin Life works, and what you can do to optimise your results.


  • Chiropractic Fundamentals     
  • Chiropractic Advanced     
  • Chiropractic Mastery
how Chiropractic Care at Diskin Life

SRI Body Awareness Exercises

Interactive learning-by-doing ½ day hands on workshop exclusively for Clients

Discover a simple, effective and essential set of exercises, you can learn to do yourself, supporting and advancing your Chiropractic Care and self-healing process.

SRI Body Awareness Exercises

Special Guest Event:

The BIG Event

Overview of what we do and how it works with a Live Demonstration for clients and guests

Chiro Melbourne clients and guests

The 12 weekly one-hour Lifestyle Mastery Presentations and the SRI workshop are exclusively for clients only. Please book these at reception.

The Guest events (which clients are also invited to attend) are The BIG Event and periodic guest presenter events. To be booked online via Eventbrite.

Calendar of Events