What is Network Care (NSA)?

Network Chiropractic: What is Network Care (NSA)?

Also known as Network Spinal, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) Previously known as Network Chiropractic

Network Care is a gentle and specific whole-person approach to Integrative Chiropractic. This contemporary system’s focus is to help what you have work better, rather than trying to “fix” or “take away” a “problem”.

The intention is not to “relieve” symptoms (your body’s warning signals), but rather to better understand why they are there, and more efficiently listen to your body’s needs.  This process, while not a “pain relief” system, is remarkably effective at helping many feel better amazingly fast.

Network Care sessions involve a process of specific and effective gentle spinal contact touches. Your care sessions are designed to, to cue and engage your brain, with the purpose of enhancing communication between your brain and body. Care advances through levels at particular milestones.

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Ultimately, you are expected to gain the ability to feel better, be better and live better; with health-enhancing benefits, to improve the quality of your life for the long term. This process liberates a greater range of body-mind resources for self-healing and wholeness.

Specific, gentle and powerful Network Care is suitable for all ages. There is no manipulation, cracking or popping.

Briefly, Network Care focuses on helping you reorganise and create new nerve system patterns, instead of just returning to your old unsupportive patterns, which hold tension in your body, restricting your physical and mental performance. This helps you better adapt, by developing new sustainable strategies to respond to everyday stress with more ease and grace.

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