Upgrade or Reboot

Upgrade or Reboot

Who doesn’t want to be Upgraded?

You upgrade your software, your devices, your travel, so why not upgrade your health, wellness and quality of life!

Upgrade or Reboot

Doesn’t it make more sense to ‘upgrade’ to a new and better version of yourself and life, as opposed to just putting up with the status quo, or trying to fix what you have by ‘restoring’ it back to how it used to be, to your old self, patterns and life?

Accumulated Repetition: Good or Bad

Your life is the result of your many experiences, which through repeated and reinforced physical, emotional, mental and chemical stresses, have accumulated in your body and life. This has contributed to your current condition and state or your health and life. The solution accordingly may require a more broad integrated approach, understanding and implementation of several synergistic strategies to achieve your health goals and objectives, in pursuit of your health and life potential. Just like accumulated and unprocessed stresses can build up negative defence patterns in your body, the reverse may be possible, by cumulatively reprogramming and retraining new healthy patterns in your body to better adapt and function.

Much of ‘healthcare’ seems to be focused on ‘restoring’.

If you ‘restore’, so continue to use your current programming or revert back to what you had; isn’t it reasonable to expect those same patterns will bring you back again full-circle to where you are now, instead of the new you that you want to be?

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Integrative Upgrade Care Sessions

Our Upgrade Care sessions are designed to give you new emerging capabilities to continually and progressively enhance your performance potential by reprogramming, retraining and synchronising your neurological body patterns, to sustainably better adapt, perform and enjoy an improved quality of life.

Specific and Gentle

Diskin Life Upgrade Care sessions utilise a special advanced form of Chiropractic, which is specific, gentle and powerful called Network Care, aka NetworkSpinal, Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), previously known as Network Chiropractic.  It is suitable for all ages.  There is no manipulation, cracking or popping. Briefly, this focuses on helping you to REORGANISE your nerve system patterns.

Respond and Adapt

Instead of you holding tension in your body, restricting your physical and mental performance and then just helping you to return to your old patterns. This helps you better respond (instead of react) and adapt, by developing new sustainable strategies to respond to everyday stress with more ease and grace.


Network Care is a gentle and specific whole-person approach. This contemporary system’s focus is to help what you have work better, rather than trying to ‘fix’ or ‘take away’ a ‘problem’. The intention is not to ‘relieve’ symptoms (your body’s warning signals), rather to better understand why they are there, and more efficiently listen to your body’s needs. This process, while not a ‘pain relief’ system, is remarkably effective at helping many feel better amazingly fast.

upgrade or reboot

Upgrade Sessions

Network Care sessions, we refer to as ‘Upgrade Care sessions’, involves a process of specific and effective gentle spinal contact touches. Your care sessions are designed to, to cue and engage your brain, with the purpose of enhancing communication between your brain and body. Care advances through levels at particular milestones.

Feel Better Be Better Live Better

Ultimately, you are expected to gain the ability to feel better, be better and live better; with health enhancing benefits, to improve your quality of your life for the long term. This process liberates a greater range of body-mind resources for self-healing and wholeness.