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SRI Body Awareness Exercises

Learn how to better tune-in to your body.

Also known as the most important exercise you can learn for your well being.

SRI Somato (Body) Respiratory (Breath) Integration (Synchronization) Awareness Exercises forms a tool, skill and practice, which utilizes your focused attention, touch, movement and gentle breath to support and advance your care and self-healing process. This becomes a key set of tools in your self-help toolbox of strategies, you can use anywhere at anytime.

SRI workshops are held bi-monthly.  Check the Event Calendar for the date of the next workshop.


The regular (even brief) practice of SRI will also promote and yield you greater health rewards and benefits, including:

tickEnhance and help advance the speed, effectiveness and progress of your results, saving you time and money.
tickGive you take-home (take-anywhere) exercises and strategies you can easily implement into your daily life to help yourself.
tickPromote your independence and self-responsibility for your health and wellbeing. The more you practice, the more you benefit.
tickEncourage you to learn how to pay attention to, and notice your body, without the need of pain.
tickNotice your body’s tension and ease patterns, including how, where and when you hold tension.
tickHelp to redirect your body’s attention, to release and redirect tension, and promote greater ease.
tickLearn exercises to support your growth and development.
tickSupport your self-healing process and wellness goals.
tickFacilitate, advance and heighten your body-mind connection.
tickLearn how to use, be aware of, and experience your internal mind-body connection.
tickKnow how to effectively respond to your body’s communication, rhythms and needs.
tickBecome aware of your body’s natural ability for ease and comfort.
tickBetter self-manage your health and life.

More about SRI

SRI is a series of awareness exercises you can learn to support your care, taught primarily in hands-on workshops, at varying levels of experience.

This interactive hands-on workshop component of LIFE MOMENTUM will support you with self-care body-mind and mind-body awareness training exercises. SRI is designed to give you tools to proactively enhance your LIFE UPGRADE care results. It can also be helpful to better manage challenging episodes of pain, anxiety, distress and distractions.

SRI has been called the most important exercises you can learn to support your health and life. At this time, registrations for SRI hands-on workshops at Diskin Life are open exclusively to current Diskin Life clients.

These exercises promote increased ease and awareness in your body, and advancement of your body-mind and mind-body connection, which enhances the effectiveness of your Network Care, both in time savings and response effectiveness, as well as self-healing process.

SRI Workshops

The best way to learn SRI at Diskin Life is to attend a SRI hands-on workshop.  This is where you will learn the fundamentals of how and why it works.

By the end of this workshop, you will not only have an understanding of SRI, you will have already experienced doing it in the workshop, making it easier to practice at home.

SRI workshops are held bi-monthly.  Check the Event Calendar for the date of the next workshop.