What are Health Food Essentials?

What are Health Food Essentials?

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Any discussion about food can easily become a never ending story.  Here we will point out just a few of the many considerations.  As the term ‘essentials’ means, we are considering here the most basic fundamentals you can’t do without, as well as the ones you really should do without.

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These staples may be obvious to you, though surprisingly not familiar to many others out there. Before you go to great effort to eat what is best, remember we all have varying individual needs, so you need to work out what works best FOR YOU.

It’s helpful for you to begin by reducing your intake of what’s on your ‘hit” list.  You know, that’s the list of what you need to give up, or at least reduce.  This list includes, (avoid or at least reduce) refined sugar, table salt, bad fats and vegetable oils, processed foods, refined wheat (breads, pastries and pasta), many over processed packaged foods, dairy foods, caffeine and alcohol.

What is the ‘Diskin Life’ approach to Health Food Essentials?

Our approach to Health Food Essentials is keeping it simple to understand and easy to implement.

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Our philosophy of incremental one percent ’bite size’ changes, means you don’t have to do much, just keep at it.

Endeavour to eat less of what you know you know you shouldn’t from your ‘hit’ list.

Work towards eating more of the seasonal and local organic whole foods, including healthy animal protein, varied vegetables, activated nuts and minimal fruit; then depending on what works for you, certain quality grains, seeds and legumes.  Remember lots of clean water, though not with meals.

What are the signs that your food is not working optimally for you?

Learn to listen to your body. If the food doesn’t feel good eating it, or you have any undesired reactions from it, consider substitutes.

Undesired reactions could include pain, indigestion, bloating, gas, reflux, queasiness, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue moodiness, irritability or unexpected weight gain or loss, just to give you a few.

 6 ways to improve your Health Food Essentials

1. Start with why

Be clear on your short term and long term objectives for making your food choices.  What are your reasons for this?  They may include wanting to lose weight, cleansing, improving your energy, enjoying greater fitness, or general health.  What’s your why?

Health Food - Melbourne Chiropractor2. Water

Water is one of nature’s best kept secrets.  It so accessible, and has so many health benefits, including assisting weight loss, improving skin complexion, flushing out toxins, bowel movement regularity, and may even assist your immunity, pain relief or increase your energy.

3. Less is more (cooking)

Food processing seems to be a modern day way of complicating what and how we eat.  There is the potential to overcook foods, which robs them of their enzymes.  Another cooking concern is cooking with potentially harmful chemicals like bad oil, sugars, bad salt, and other artificially conjured concoctions, as well as destroying any value using such unnatural means as microwave ovens.

4. Buy Local

It will likely be fresher, less like to be diminished from storage and cartage.  Local is likely to require chemicals to preserve it for those extended journeys our imports require.  It supports the local economy, and you are more likely to be eating fresher seasonal foods.

5. Pick one item each week to substitute

We believe in one percent changes.  Instead of emptying your cupboards and starting with all new ingredients, gradually begin to substitute your current supply of foods for the new improved ones.

6. Choose your advisors carefully

There is a lot of information out there.  Be cautious where you take your advice from.  Check your sources credibility.