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Melbourne Chiropractor Discusses Neck Pain


Do you suffer from neck pain? Do you know if you are making it worse with your daily routine? Why do you have neck pain? Is there some thing you can do about it? If you can help yourself, what are your options?

It’s interesting to understand how intelligent your body is. If you take care of it, it takes care of you. If you abuse it or mistreat it, it will give you signals, often showing up as pain. This is good! You read correctly. This IS good! You ask, how can neck pain be good for me? Let’s look at some possibilities.

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Help For Neck Pain – Melbourne Chiropractor

Help For Neck Pain – Melbourne Chiropractor

When you are in bed for several hours, how are you positioned? Do you sleep in your back, side or on your front? Any one of these could lead to your neck pain. On your back is generally accepted as the best position for your spine, provided you have a decent mattress and the “appropriate” pillow, which is the right firmness and not too high or too low. On you side can be complicated. Unless your bed is molded to the shape of the side of your legs, body, neck and head, you are likely going to stress you spine. Face down is the worse of all options. Unless you have a hole in the mattress to breathe, you are forced to turn you head sideways, so you can breathe. Ouch! Right now, turn your head as far as you can, and see how much it hurts after just a few minutes. Imagine what you are doing to your neck after lying on it twisted for hours?!

Another common scenario is how you sit at your computer. I am assuming your keyboard and monitor are at the appropriate heights. Even then, how is your head and neck positioned? It is likely you are letting your head slip forward, making the muscles of your neck work hard to keep your head on top. Do you see how this can give you neck pain.

What else do you do regularly to give your self neck pain? If you could only watch all your movements and neck positions through your day, you would see clearly why your neck is shouting for attention. Count yourself “lucky” to feel you neck pain, so you can respond by changing your habits.

Become aware of your habits and changing them is critical. This alone, is often not enough to settle your pain. Chiropractors are expertly trained to ensure your neck is functioning at its best, with a focus on optimising your nerve system function. After a careful and thorough assessment, appropriate advice and specific Chiropractic care can be recommended to take care of you for now and your future health.