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Chiropractic services in Thornbury by Dr Ari Diskin

Are you looking for a natural way to optimise your health? Do you want to break-free from the recurring cycles of pain, stress, fatigue, and burnout that so many people face every day? Or are you on a personal wellness journey and need some extra support to allow your energy to flow with more ease?

At Diskin Life, we support our Thornbury clients to live an extraordinary life through effective, evidence-based, and natural Chiropractic care. Our whole-person approach doesn’t seek to mask a problem or provide a ‘quick-fix’. Instead, we focus on helping what you have work better and educating you with simple strategies so you can Feel Better, Be Better and Live Better.


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Network Chiropractic Care in Thornbury

The function and alignment of your spine and nervous system affect how you perceive the world. Chiropractic is a specialised form of healthcare that focuses on these central elements of your body, enhancing your ability to adapt to physical, chemical, mental and emotional trauma and stresses.

Network Chiropractic care is a gentle method that promotes natural healing and improved connection throughout your brain and nervous system. During the care sessions, you can expect very light contact touches along your spine and no cracking, crunching, popping, or manipulation. Network Chiropractic is powerful and suitable for people of all ages.


The Benefits of Chiropractic

Chiropractic offers a variety of physical, emotional, psychological, and lifestyle benefits. Here are just some of the key benefits experienced by our clients:

  • More energy and improved enjoyment of life
  • Greater overall general health and wellbeing
  • Increased self-awareness, focus and positive feelings
  • Reduced pain and fatigue
  • Fewer pain symptoms experienced
  • Less anxiety, anger, and moodiness


Meet Your Thornbury Chiropractor

Dr Ari Diskin is a world-class Healthy Life Doctor of Chiropractic. He completed his Chiropractic training in the US and now has over 37 years of professional experience. Dr Diskin is an innovative and dynamic practitioner with a passion for wellness. He has an established reputation and utilises his 3 Step Vitality Process to help his clients near Thornbury live extraordinary lives.

The 3 Steps are multi-dimensional, natural, effective, measurable, evidence-based and sustainable.

chiropractor Thornbury

Diskin Life 3 Step Vitality Process

Step 1 is Life Assessment

First, we complete a comprehensive, whole-person examination to establish baselines and monitor progress, understanding how your body is performing and functioning beyond just how and what you feel.

Step 2 is Life Upgrade Integrative Chiropractic

Network Care Entrainments (Nerve System Adjustments) to synchronise, retrain and reprogram your nervous system, body, overall health, and life.

Step 3 is Life Momentum

Wellness education and Lifestyle Mastery Events offering practical lifestyle modification concepts and strategies to support your care and for progressive self-sustainability and resourcefulness.

Your Chiropractic Questions Answered

What is a Chiropractor?

A Chiropractor is a healthcare practitioner that specialises in the spine and nervous system. They deliver a whole person care (or holistic care) that seeks to align the body’s central nervous system to promote healing and reduce pain.

What is Network Chiropractic care?

Network care is a gentle and holistic method of Chiropractic that promotes natural healing and self-correction in the nervous system and throughout the body. The outcomes from Network Care include more energy, less stress, reduced pain, and increased quality of life.

Who can have Network Chiropractic care?

Network Chiropractic care is so gentle and powerful that it is suitable for people of all ages, from infants and children to the elderly. It is also effective for pregnant women or people who are sensitive or suffering from traumatic conditions.

Is there manipulation, cracking, popping, or crunching in Network Chiropractic?

No. You will not experience any manipulation like popping, crunching, cracking, or crunching during a Network Chiropractic care session. You should only expect light contact touches along the spine.

Do I need a GP referral to see a Chiropractor?

No. You do not require a GP referral to visit a Chiropractor. To book your appointment with Dr Ari Diskin, click here.

What conditions does a Chiropractor treat?

Many people seek Chiropractic care for the relief of neck pain, back pain, headaches, stress, anxiety, sleep issues, poor concentration, low energy, declining health, poor posture and so much more.

At Diskin Life, Chiropractors do not treat any conditions per say. Instead of focusing on particular conditions in a person as independent and isolated entities, Dr Diskin uses a broader viewing lens. Dr Ari’s whole-person (or holistic) approach looks at each person with their many interdependent therefore also interconnected systems, so all related to and potentially affecting each other. Our 3 Step Vitality Process supports the whole person, addressing their symptoms or concerns in context with their overall health condition. Above and beyond reducing pain and suffering, Network chiropractic Chiropractic can enhance overall wellbeing, allowing you to upgrade your life enjoyment and potential.

What to expect during an initial Chiropractic consultation at Diskin Life?

Your comprehensive assessment discovery process will reveal information about how your body is functioning, beyond just what and how you feel, making the invisible visible. From this assessment, we can offer quality Chiropractic care and pain relief.

We will determine the most effective path to support your health journey, enhanced by showing you how to proactively encourage sustainable change. You should allow at least two hours over two one-hour separate visits to give us the necessary time to thoroughly examine you and carefully analyse your results, so we can create a custom care plan to support your health objectives.

Where is Diskin Life located?

You can find our Melbourne Chiropractic and wellness centre conveniently located just 5 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, at 181 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy. We see patients from all across Melbourne, including many from Thornbury

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About Thornbury

Thornbury is an inner-city suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 7 km (4.3 mi) north-east of Melbourne’s Central Business District, located within the City of Darebin local government area. Thornbury recorded a population of 19,005 at the 2021 census.

Thornbury is bordered by the Merri Creek to the west, and the Darebin Creek to the east. The heart of Thornbury is known as Thornbury Village, and is located at the centre of Thornbury, at the intersection of High Street and Normanby Avenue/Clarendon Street.

Thornbury is shaped as a thin strip of land sandwiched between Northcote and Preston. Its east–west distance is four times its north–south distance. For 111 years, Thornbury was part of the former City of Northcote local government area, which existed from 1883 until June 1994. As such, Thornbury is universally understood to be a demographic and commercial satellite of Northcote, along with Westgarth, although the latter does not have its own postcode.

The area’s name is derived from the name of a property of early settler, Jobbo Smith, with the name dating to 1850. Smith named his property after a farm near his English birthplace. High Street had a cable tram by 1890. This ran the length of High Street from Northcote to Preston. By 1901, a railway line to its west connected to the central city line. A cable tram engine house was built, with the building still existing on 628 High Street Thornbury. It contained both the engine house and the car shed.

St Mary’s Catholic Church was built in 1916.

Thornbury has a long line of industry near Dundas Street (the border between Thornbury and Preston) and Station Street. It consists mainly of warehouses and scrap metal yards, with a few metal recycling centres and factories.

Seven bus routes service Thornbury:

  •  250 : Melbourne CBD (Queen Street) – La Trobe University. Operated by Kinetic Melbourne.
  •  251 : Melbourne CBD (Queen Street) – Northland Shopping Centre. Operated by Kinetic Melbourne.
  •  350 : Melbourne CBD (Queen Street) – La Trobe University via the Eastern Freeway. Operated by Kinetic Melbourne.
  •  510 : Essendon station – Ivanhoe station via Brunswick West, Moreland station, Thornbury and Fairfield. Operated by Moreland Buslines.
  •  552 : North East Reservoir – Northcote Plaza via High Street. Operated by Dysons.
  •  553 : Preston – West Preston via Reservoir. Operated by Dysons.
  •  567 : Northcote – Regent station via Northland Shopping Centre. Operated by Dysons.

The Merri Creek Trail and Darebin Creek Trail run on the west and east boundaries of Thornbury respectively, and are popular shared-use recreational paths used by cyclists and walkers.

Thornbury is served by one railway station: Thornbury, on the Mernda line.

Two tram routes service Thornbury, both operated by Yarra Trams:

  • : West Preston – Victoria Harbour (Docklands)
  • : Bundoora RMIT – Waterfront City (Docklands)

Thornbury geology mainly consists of Silurian sedimentary rocks of the Melbourne Formation (formerly Dargile). River sediments overlay parts of the folded Silurian rocks, especially near Merri Creek and Darebin Creek that represent the western and eastern borders of the suburb respectively.

The main commercial area in Thornbury is the High Street shopping strip, centred on Thornbury Village. Smaller shopping precincts are to be found on sections of St Georges Road, Wales Street and Station Street. The Northcote Pottery, founded in 1897 at Clyde Street, was closed in 2007.

Thornbury is home to many bars and night spots, including Kitty Somerset, Tago Mago, The Thornbury Local, Cactus Room, The Thornbury Hotel, Welcome To Thornbury, The Thornbury Theatre, The Tap House, an art house cinema, and the Croxton Park Hotel, which often features overseas touring artists. It also has a large alternative music culture, which is evident in some of the independent music stores, often selling vinyl, found on High Street such as Thornbury Records, and shops selling musical instruments.

From about 2012 onwards, Thornbury has seen new bars, cafes and restaurants appear along the previously quiet retail section of the northern end of High Street, including Joanies, Thornbury Taphouse, Barton Fink, Palladinnos, Wolf and Swill, Carwyn Cellars, 3 Ravens and Nasty’s.

Thornbury has its own art house movie theatre, the Thornbury Picture House, which was built inside a 100 year old large mechanics workshop and opened in 2018.

An area of Thornbury, referred to as the Thornbury Park Estate Precinct, consists of a mix of housing built in the Victorian era, late Federation and the interwar period. After a backlash from residents about the proposed demolition of a 1920s Church Manse on Comas Grove in particular, the local council established a temporary heritage overlay, protecting the buildings. Old buildings, some 100 years old, were regularly being demolished and replaced with newer buildings, and in some cases, apartments. The Thornbury Park Estate Precinct – Proposed Heritage Overlay established temporary protection, initiated in April 2022, and saved houses in the area from demolition

The Darebin International Sports Centre (DISC) is located in the John Cain Memorial Park, near the Darebin Creek in Thornbury. The Darebin International Sports Centre is the home of Football Federation Victoria, the State Football Centre (soccer), the State Lawn Bowls Centre and the State Cycling Centre, a velodrome with a 250m indoor timber cycling track. The Northcote Public Golf Course, run by the Northcote Golf Club, is located near the Merri Creek. It is also home to Flinders Park and the Holy Trinity Cricket Club (HTCC).

  • Thornbury Primary School (Opened 2 August 1915)
  • Wales Street Primary School (opened 1 October 1891 as the ‘Prince of Wales Park State School’)
  • Penders Grove Primary School
  • Thornbury High School (Renamed from Thornbury-Darebin Secondary College in 2005)
  • Holy Spirit School (Catholic) (Opened 3 February 1953)
  • St. Mary’s Primary school (Catholic) (Opened January 1920)
  • Distance Education Centre – The headquarters of this Department of Education agency, co-located near the Darebin Creek with the Victorian School of Languages, the headquarters of this Department of Education agency.
  • Nestoras Greek College
  • Strettle Wetland (Merri Creek)
  • Northcote Municipal Golf Links
  • Mayer Park
  • Sir Douglas Nichols Reserve
  • Penders Park (Electric barbecues, playground)
  • Hayes Park (Oval)
  • John Cain Memorial Park (Including the Darebin International Sports Centre facilities, four soccer fields, the State Cycling Centre velodrome and the State Lawn Bowls Centre)
  • Clyde Jones Reserve (Playground and Grassy Area)
  • Bill Lawry – Australian former cricketer and commentator
  • Jane Hall – actor and radio personality
  • Normie Rowe – singer and TV personality
  • Vince Colosimo – actor and TV personality
  • City of Northcote – Thornbury was previously within this former local government area.
  • Darebin Community Portal, maintained by the City of Darebin