Diskin Life was established in 1986. Our central location, in Fitzroy Melbourne Australia, allows easy access from everywhere, including Melbourne Airport, for interstate and overseas clients. Even with its close proximity to Melbourne’s central business district, private off street parking is available. Locating the centre is easy, by the now world famous landmark giant life-like scale spine and nerve model (Giant Subluxation) outside the front, which clearly distinguishes the building as a Chiropractic centre.


From its start in 1986 at 171 Victoria Parade Fitzroy Melbourne; within three years had outgrown the original premises, so a move was necessary to accommodate the increasing demand for services. The new premises, just five buildings up the road at 181 Victoria Parade, took place in 1989. The new premises, a double story 100 year old Victorian terrace building, had been occupied by three medical specialists.

Many improvements were made to the facility over the years between 1989 and 2003. In 2003 a massive project of totally gutting the interior and modernization took place. Except for the external walls, not much remained of the old building. Now the charming Victorian brick facade quietly disguises the state-of-the-art, open-plan, self-healing sanctuary. Diskin Life has become an internationally recognized world class destination Wellness Chiropractic centre.


From its physical environment, and the atmosphere which has been created; to the distinct wholistic health and life care services, and the professional team; it is no wonder Diskin Life is now a leading internationally recognized landmark, and considered a world class facility.


Integration of multiple strengths, keeps this centre in the spotlight. Traditional Chiropractic concepts have merged with contemporary and evolving developments. Understanding of human physiology, performance and contextual healing, combined with cutting-edge scientific discoveries creates a powerful synthesis.


We use state of the art technology including a Low Dose High Frequency X-ray imaging system, and computerized physiological bio-assessment technologies- including the only technology of its kind certified by the Space Foundation– and recognized by NASA namely, the Insight Millennium sEMG (surface Electromyographic), Thermal and Heart Rate Variability scanning. In addition, for more precise analysis, and for your ability to observe your changes, we use Progressive Digital Posturography.


Our wholistic approach, (including Network Care, aka Network Spinal Analysis or NSA, previously known as Network Chiropractic) is all about you; to care for the entire person, which includes helping people experience all levels of health, whether desperately sick and/or in pain, or happy and healthy, and looking to get the edge in life. Our complementing and powerful Wellness Education, in all aspects of interaction, especially our unique series of weekly Discover Healthier Living Presentations™, is all about you being more independent, and take more responsibility for you health and well-being. Our combination of Health Enhancement and Life Optimization service is all about you having contemporary, scientific, effective and safe choices, by talented and experienced professionals. With our all about you positive attitude, it’s clear to see how Diskin Life has become a destination health and wellness centre of influence for many.