The Myths of Healing . . .

The Myths of Healing . . .


Paradigms come and go. The old myths and paradigms about healing were of great value. They served humanity for as long as they were in place. The planet, the consciousness, the “energy,” has shifted. The old paradigms no longer hold the same reality. Today, with the shifting consciousness, you, especially as a reader, are more inclined to seek products or processes that will allow the natural healing power of your body to work more effectively.

What is Network CareThe old myth, the old story, was that healing comes from the outside, you needed another to “fix” or “cure” you. This actually goes back to antiquity. The witch doctor, the medicine man, the shaman, are all examples of someone doing something to you, to rid you of “evil” sprits or disease.

The new paradigm, the new reality, is that healing comes from the inside. You may still require someone to lead the way, to mentor, or coach you, or be a tour guide along the path…, but healing is an inside job.

For too long, we have collectively given our power to other things, people, or procedures. We have placed our faith in doctors, drugs, and outside-in forces. We are now shifting the consciousness to recognize that ALL healing comes from within.

The power that made your body can heal your body. This innate intelligence is wisdom that needs no help, it just needs no interference. We may still need “things” to assist the body; perhaps surgical intervention to repair a damaged part or remove tissue that has deteriorated too far. The drug may reduce the bacterial level sufficiently such that your body can heal from the infection, or alter your body chemistry in a particular situation, to assist your body to better self-health and self-regulate. You do know though, your body still has the ability to recover and heal itself from that point on, provided you have a clear, flexible and adaptable nerve system, free and clear of interference.

The new reality of healing, the new paradigms, are where we live today.  We are entering in to the new reality of healing, the new paradigm of life and health.

An old myth, for example, was that you had to forgive “someone” before you could heal. Consider the new paradigm: when the tension in your body has adapted sufficiently, when the body’s “memory” has shifted, you don’t even need to forgive. There is no longer anything to forgive. All there is is peace, not in the new age sense of, “oh, it’s all ok”, but there is genuine peace in your body.

Another old myth of healing was that you had to “re-experience” your old injury, pain, or trauma to heal, also described as no pain, no gain. The new paradigm, or reality, is that you can heal gently, peacefully, and beautifully, without the drama, trauma, and pain.

Consider that what you really desire is to experience optimal physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Symptoms are the warning signs that something in your body needs attention. The old myth was that you could simply ignore or treat the symptoms to make the pain go away. Would you ignore the low fuel light on the dashboard of your car? Why would you ever consider ignoring the symptoms, which are the warning signs from your body? You would not simply cover the low fuel light because it distracts you. Why would you consider doing something to simply cover or mask the warning signs from your body?

Your body needs to be healthy. People receiving Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) Care aka Network Care (formally Network Chiropractic) report reduced pain, more energy, and overall improvement in their life. This is health!

Take good care of your body. If you wear out your body, where are you going to live

Dr. Ari Diskin is a US trained Healthy Life Doctor of Chiropractic, with over 30 years professional experience, having cared for over 10,000 people.  He uses Network Care as part of his 3 Step Vitality Program, in Melbourne Australia.  For more information