Melbourne Chiropractor employee-productivityAre you trying to fit more into your day than there is time for? Are you frustrated how limited your productivity is? Would you like to discover how you can increase your personal productivity without the use of drugs?

It doesn’t matter whether you are the wealthiest or the poorest person, famous or unknown; everyone has the same 24 hours everyday to use, abuse or waste. Interestingly, with the same allocation for everyone, the more successful seem to utilize their time better, as though they had more than the less successful.

Productivity is a measure of the efficiency of accomplishing results rather than “doing” stuff. It is more important which direction you are moving, rather than how fast you are travelling to be productive. In a game of chess, it’s not how many moves you make, but how few strategic ones to win. Productivity is a ratio of what effort of resources are needed to produce the intended outcome. It’s all about strategic efficiencies and resourcefulness, putting in the least resources to gain the most product quantity and quality output.

Why would you want to increase your productivity? There are many substantive reasons for this. How about the personal satisfaction of getting more done, not to mention the financial rewards of greater output? When you can be more productive, you create more time for other pursuits, be they work or personal.

To increase your productivity, there are the obvious considerations, including better time management, more efficient design of your work flow, putting in more time and working faster. Besides these well known strategies, what about working out how to make yourself, (your body and your mind), more efficient?

Does your food nourish and energize you, or slow and drain your energy and focus? Do you exercise? It is important to do the right exercise for you, the right way at the right time. Is your work and living environment healthy? Do you breathe fresh clean air, and do you access natural sunlight regularly? Do you have sufficient quiet time? Do you have enough rest and sleep time? How else do you support your body to be more efficient? What about your mind?

Did you know your nerve system is your master control system, made of a network of fibers, similar to an electrical wiring system? Interference in the spine may alter the transmission of messages between your brain and your body’s muscles, organs, and tissues, affecting control and coordination of systems and function throughout your body. This nerve system stress or interference may be creating an inefficient environment in your body, resulting in reduced energy production and loss of focus. If your body and mind are not efficiently coordinating their functions, how do you think that could impact on your productivity?

Chiropractic involves specialized care focusing on your spine and nerve system, which effects how you perceive the world, helping you to adapt to life and it’s challenging physical, chemical and emotional stresses.

Since the primary focus of Chiropractic is the optimum function of your spine and nerve system, Doctors of Chiropractic are the natural and logical choice of health professionals to seek out in these circumstances. Look for a Healthy Life Doctor of Chiropractic in your area who can professionally assess your needs, and guide you to living a more energized life, naturally.