Network Care (aka Network Spinal Analysis, NSA, Network Chiropractic) in Melbourne

Network Care (aka Network Spinal Analysis, NSA, Network Chiropractic) in Melbourne


Is Network Care (NSA) available in Melbourne?Diskin Life

Network Care is available in Melbourne near the CBD at Diskin Life. Melbourne Chiropractor Dr Ari Diskin provides Network Care as part of his Integrative Chiropractic and Wellness Education approach to healthier living from his Melbourne Chiropractic wellness centre at 181 Victoria Parade Fitzroy Melbourne. Call 03 9417 7222.

Network Care is a gentle and specific wholistic Reorganizational Healing approach to wellness Chiropractic. This contemporary system of care’s focus is to help what you have work better, rather than just trying to “fix” a “problem”.


Network Care (NSA) Melbourne

The intention is not to “cover-up or stop” symptoms (your body’s warning signals), rather to better understand why they are there, facilitating greater awareness to more efficiently listen to your body’s needs, so you can respond with appropriate action. This process, while not a “pain relief” system, is remarkably effective at helping many feel better amazingly fast.

This opportunity gives you an awareness of which of your stress patterns harm you or help you. Most people present with health concerns with a combination of pain and stress. By considering the context of why the pain and stress are present, a strategic course of action can be designed to help people cope better with stress and experience relief of their pain.

Even though most people’s initial goal may be to get rid of the pain or stress, the most exciting and rewarding outcomes lead beyond the focus on just pain. Some of these more life fulfilling outcomes include more energy, sharper focus, greater efficiency, increased productivity, better connection, ease, health, more fun and happiness.

Dr. Ari Diskin is a US trained Healthy Life Doctor of Chiropractic, with over 30 years professional experience, having cared for over 10,000 people.  He uses Network Care as part of his 3 Step Vitality Program, in Melbourne Australia.  For more information

To help you decide if this approach is suitable for you, Diskin Life offers a special guest event called the The BIG Event. This is a FREE two hour presentation with demonstrations of what actually happens when you receive Network Care. Check our Event Calendar.

Contact Diskin Life (03) 9417 7222 or to reserve your seats.