Levels of Care

Network Care advances through three levels

Level One

Level One DiscoverKnown as “Discover” or Basic care, is for you to first become aware and familiar with your tension, body and other behavior patterns, and then to be able to also locate and recognize them. Ultimately being able to spontaneously process those tension patterns, and when appropriate release them, or redirect them as needed.

Level one is a process of “Connect & Release”.
It is when you discover (become aware) of whatever “it” is going on in your life which may be manifesting through your body and health. You are likely to experience breakthroughs, increased awareness and familiarization of who you are and what is happening with you (connect). Once you can “discover”, you can let go of (release) the tension associated with your situation, or use it as fuel for reorganization.

    Typical responses you can expect in level one:

  • Develop an improved ability to adapt to stress
  • Experience deeper and fuller breathing
  • Begin general dissipation of tension
  • Develop greater self–awareness of defence posture
  • Increase your brain’s awareness (to find and connect) to tension patterns in your nerve system, spine and muscles, and then develop the ability to release that tension
  • Improve flexibility and feel greater ease in your spine
  • Begin developing important nerve system strategies for the temporary reduction of spinal cord tension

Level Two

image070Known as “Transform” or Intermediate care, where you change from your old inefficient patterns and strategies that have been running your life, and led you to the place and way your body and life have been, to patterns of more efficiently living, in greater peace and ease.
This is when your focus “major theme” is on change by stretching, allowing new pathways to develop. Instead of focusing on the “it” condition, as in level one, the focus is more broad on “self” as a whole.

    Expected distinctions in level two:

  • Constructive pattern changes (transformation): By learning how to use accumulated physical, chemical and emotional tension, as source of and fuel for spinal reorganization, and spontaneous (more energy efficient) tension releases.
  • Refinement of your ability to adapt to stress and “life”
  • You begin to respond in life rather than react
  • Further enhancement of self-healing and living strategies
  • Breathing becomes more efficient

Level Three

image072Known as “Awaken” or Advanced care where you integrate, optimize and grow; by expanding on new learned skills to advance yourself to new levels of ability, evolution and awareness.
This is when your focus “major theme” is on reaching out and connecting with the outer environment (beyond your “self”). Now the focus is more on us as a community.

    Expected distinctions in level three:

  • Absence of defence posture
  • Awakening to a deeper awareness and clarity in and of yourself
  • Expanding and enriching connectivity within yourself, with others, and with the external environment
  • Evolve to greater flexibility and adaptability, physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Increased trust in your physiology and intuition

Healing Waves

healing wavesDuring the course of care you may notice two healing waves develop. The respiratory (breathing) wave releases tension throughout your spine and body, helping you to relax. This wave begins in level one. The Somato-psychic (body-mind) wave, which is associated with a dolphin type undulation or movement of your spine triggers reorganization (pattern changes) of the spinal system. This wave patterns begins in level two.


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