How to Recover Your Lost Energy

How to Recover Your Lost Energy: Causes and Suggestions to Improve Lost Energy


What is Energy?

Energy itself is not tangible, which means it is often misunderstood and undervalued. As with ‘breath’ and ‘love’, you cannot “see” energy, though it is just as important. The lower your energy state, the more you live in reaction to what life appears to throw your way. The higher your energy state, the more fully and easily you can handle challenges, and take advantage of the experiences life has to offer.

Have you heard the common expressions, “I don’t have energy for…”, or “I am feeling drained” or “I can’t be bothered”?  Have you heard people speak of being energized, inspired, refreshed and renewed? Your personal energy level, at any given time, impacts your ability to experience life; from your physical strength and endurance to your mental ability, emotional capacity, and spiritual connection. Your energy state affects the decisions you make.

how to regain lost energy


What is the Diskin Life approach to energy? 

At Diskin Life, we see your energy as an internal resource or fuel that you can access for optimal living. Even when the stress of modern life drains you and blocks you from being the best you can be, there is no need to artificially boost your energy from the outside by introducing unnatural chemicals, foods or drugs into your system. Energy drinks, caffeine and other stimulants are temporary and unsustainable band-aids that exacerbate your problems and can lead to burnout or breakdown.

Read on to discover how you can increase your energy level and avoid artificial stimulants.


lost energyWhat is your current Energy state? 

Energy Rich is your most desirable high energy state which is optimal and where you thrive.  You are mentally alert, intellectually sharp, emotionally flexible, physically strong, and able to confront challenges while using them as food for growth, transformation and personal evolution. When in this state, you experience your richest source of personal power, are in flow, can adapt to rapid change with ease, and experience connection and creativity.

Energy Neutral is your getting by ”survival” state.  A lot of people live permanently in this sub-optimal energy state. This state is where you “manage” life, accepting what comes as good enough. There is little ambition and no additional energy for change. The baseline is comfort, and it maintains you at current levels of living, without much real prospect for advancement.

Energy Poor is the lowest level of energy. This is the least desirable energy state, as it is where you are not coping and regressing in your health and life pursuits.  Everything is an uphill battle, and it seems you do not have enough resources to even get by.

What energy state do you live in most of the time?  What energy state would you like to live in?


5 common misconceptions regarding energy.

1.    People are born with more or less energy and are stuck with this. ie. it’s genetic.

2.    Energy only comes from outside of yourself.

3.    Addressing one facet of your health in isolation is enough ie. Exercising

4.    How you chose to live, and the lifestyle decisions you make have little bearing on your energy.

5.    Energy is only about physical strength.


How can you improve your energy levels?

In our experience, sustainable high energy levels require a balanced combination and integration of elements. The four major domains to address are Move Better, Eat Better, Think Better and especially Respond Better, which integrates them all, by optimizing your Spinal and Nerve System Function. At Diskin Life, we address all of these through our intake protocol, the upgrade care we provide, our wellness education, SRI or other workshops and guest events.


5 simple ways to improve your energy levels

1. Breathe:  Focus on how you breathe.  Breathe fully and deeply, oxygenating every cell in your body.  Learn to work with and use your breath.  SRI is a great tool to use.

2. Sleep:  Ensure you experience quality and sufficient sleep.  Consider your sleep tools and environment, like your supportive bed and pillow, natural bedding, complete darkness, quiet, cool and fresh air.  We can provide you with referrals and guidance on the right bed to support you.

3.  Feed your body, mind and spirit:  Consume clean water and nourishing living foods.  Rule of thumb; if your great-grandmother did not recognize it as a food, it probably is not.  Take 3 minutes in a quiet spot to just “be” with your eyes closed.  Have awareness of and feed yourself positive, supportive thoughts and input, and take care with what you take in, such as violent images compared to natural beauty.  Choose, happiness, gratitude, playfulness, or humour.  Reframe and “see” things from a  perspective that serves you.

4. Move regularly and throughout the day:  Particularly if you sit a lot, stand and stretch, at least 2-3 times every hour.  Walk daily, getting your heart rate up.  Outside is always preferable to inside.

5. Live congruently with your values:  Choose and integrate healthy life practices.  Make energy-rich your baseline of living.  At Diskin Life, we are here to support you to achieve your personal health and wellness goals.

If you are curious to discover how your energy may be impacting other areas of your health, book a time to speak to us today.

Dr. Ari Diskin is a US-trained Healthy Life Doctor of Chiropractic, with over 30 years of professional experience, having cared for over 10,000 people.  He uses Network Care as part of his 3 Step Vitality Program, in Melbourne Australia.

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