How to Improve Your Posture Now

How to Improve Your Posture Now


How’s your posture right now?

I speak to people every day who are concerned about their posture. If it’s not ideal, poor posture can cause a variety of ailments and symptoms, such as: back pain, shoulder and neck tension, headaches, shallow breathing or fatigue, and more.  You may notice, and perhaps identify with, several of the symptoms listed above. Others see that their posture is off in the mirror or photographs.  You may also notice how you slump over or towards your computer, or how you sit slouched in your chair.  Some people even notice their shoes wearing out unevenly before they recognise that something is wrong!

Generally speaking our posture degenerates slowly overtime, and it’s never too late to experience the many benefits of improved posture!

poor posture melbourne chiroWhat are the benefits of improving your posture?

The benefits of better posture are many-fold.  Just as poor posture can negatively influence how you look and how you feel, improved posture has many benefits.  According to the American Journal of Pain Management, “Posture affects and moderates every physiologic function from breathing to hormonal production.  Spinal pain, headache, mood, blood pressure, pulse, and lung capacity are among the functions most easily influenced by posture.” With this in mind, changing your posture can greatly improve your lifestyle.  Look at the people around you.  How much more positive, healthier and attractive do people with upright postures look to you?

WHAT can you do?

A simple activity to help improve your posture

Like with any health issue, there is no single “silver bullet” approach to address posture correction.  This means you’ll need to consider your health from multiple factors which accumulated over your entire lifetime.  Until you seek professional assistance, try making this small change to get an idea of the impact an improved posture can have.

Find a mirror, and either sit or stand in front of it. Gently raise your upper chest upwards and very slightly forwards. What do you see when you do this?  You may see a more confident and attractive person. One of the visual effects of slumping posture is the sunken chest, so improving this can actually improve your figure.  From a physical perspective, how do you feel when you gently lift your chest?  Better?  Can you breathe easier?  If you had pain, has it shifted?  Do you feel more energised?

Experiment with this simple exercise on a daily basis and notice the difference it makes.

posture melbourne chiro

How can small changes be so effective?

One of the keys to healthier living is the one-percenter. Making big changes can be daunting and overwhelming, so they often don’t happen. Working with small, bite-sized changes is far easier and more practical, so they end up being more effective. For a temporary preview of what’s possible, try this exercise. But remember, be reasonable with your short term expectations. You developed your posture throughout your whole life; from carrying your school bag improperly for 12 years and the lack of attention given to your posture, to the knocks and bumps you received and the rest of your life’s stresses to which you were subjected.

Be hopeful! Change is possible, and we can show you how.

Dr. Ari Diskin is a US trained Healthy Life Doctor of Chiropractic, with over 30 years professional experience, having cared for over 10,000 people.  He uses Network Care as part of his 3 Step Vitality Program, in Melbourne Australia.  For more information

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