Health Care Choices

Health Care Choices

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As a health care provider (as opposed to a sick care provider) for over 28 years, I have heard many reasons people put off seeking help with their health and sickness issues.  Just for perspective, most health or sickness care in this country is often called medical or health care. If this is so, how come most of medical or health care is intervention, waiting until there is a problem and then trying to fix “it”.  Consider, in Australia, a country that spends over 9% of its gross domestic product on “health”.  That’s based on the Australian government’s statistics for 2010-2011, made of $130,000,000,000 (130 Billion Dollars or $5,796 per person), annually on “health” care!  Wouldn’t you think we should be the healthiest country in the world?   Relatively, we spend about half of the United States’ proportion of our budget, theirs being over 17%.


Here are my top ten dangerous thoughts and subsequent actions about your health, and some considerations around those thoughts and actions:

1)     Maybe it will go away.

Maybe it won’t! But seriously, have you ever walked into a home (maybe even yours) and been greeted by the magnificent scent of fresh, homemade cooking (of your favorite food) baking in the oven. What a treat. You immediately recognize the aroma. After a while however, your system acclimates to that enticing smell, and you are no longer aware of it. Has the aroma gone away, or have you just become used to it? Has your pain really gone away, or has it become so much a part of you that you just do not even recognize it anymore?

2)     It comes and goes.

However, it comes back!  Is this like a recurring nightmare?  What is important here, is that it comes back, not that it goes away!  Maybe the oil light on the dashboard of your car only comes on occasionally.  Certainly, you know a problem is brewing.  How long will you choose to ignore it?

3)     It’s not that bad.

Compared to what?  If you have a toothache, how bad does it have to be before you get to a dentist?  Do you know anyone who was told by their dentist that if you took care of your teeth, or came in earlier, it would have been preventable, or perhaps just a simple painless and inexpensive procedure?  You let it go long enough, and you may need a root canal.  Ignore your teeth long enough and you’ll need new teeth.  Ignore your nerve system long enough and you could be in serious trouble.

4)     It only hurts when I . . .

This is analogous to have an alignment problem on the front end of your car. If you drive at 100 km/h the front end wobbles.  If you drive at 50 km/h, it doesn’t.  Does this suggest there is no problem with the front end?  Here too, let it go long enough and soon you’ll not be able to drive over 15 km/h without your front end wobbling.

5)     I know what my problem is, it’s . . .

Most of the time, people describe their symptoms. “My problem is I have a backache, or a headache, a toothache”.  Great, so like the toothache, the symptom alerts you to the fact that there is an underlying problem. Let’s wake up to the underlying cause of the problem, beyond the symptom.

6)     I was told I have to live with it, so I do.

So, who told you that you have to live with it?  In my 28+ years as a Doctor of Chiropractic, I have helped countless people who have been told they have to live with it.  They felt that since they were told they would have to live with it, they indeed would.  What they found however, was after appropriate gentle, honouring, specific Chiropractic care, they were free to live without the “it”!

7)     My doctor couldn’t find anything wrong.

Has your doctor performed an in-depth, appropriate spine and nerve system assessment; using surface EMG (to assess spinal muscle tension patterns), thermal scans (to assess spinal blood flow patterns), Heart Rate Variability, (to assess your autonomic nerve system’s ability to adapt to stress), and collected other necessary evidence to support their findings?   If you hit a bump in your car and your car now shimmys and sways, would you take it to a body shop for an evaluation?  They would find nothing wrong, (unless the shimmy was so severe, you hit another car or a wall)!  In my practice, I look at the alignment, we call “synchronization” of your nerve system, to determine the underlying cause of your problems.

8)     I’ve been this way for years, why change now?

Your body consistently regenerates.  There is no time like the present to begin to lead a healthier, freer, more flexible life.  Your body is a self-regulating, self-healing, self-regenerating system.  Remove interference, and you have no choice but to heal!

9)     I don’t want to know!

Denial is as great a killer as anything else is.  Back to the tooth analogy; How long would you choose to deny there is a problem with your tooth before you have to be strapped into the dentist chair?  Honor yourself, take care of yourself.

10)  It’s because of my age!

I love this one!  Many years ago, a client was told the arthritis in his right knee was because of his age.  He calmly said to the doctor, “So doc, how much older is my right knee than my left?”  Please, give me a break.  How many people older than you do not have what you have that you have been told, “It’s because of your age”?  This is a great excuse not to take care of yourself.

Take your power back.  If you do what you’ve always done, see the doctors you’ve always seen, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.  You are the only one who can take the responsibility of taking care of you- so do it!

Dr. Ari Diskin is a US trained Healthy Life Doctor of Chiropractic, with over 30 years professional experience, having cared for over 10,000 people.  He uses Network Care as part of his 3 Step Vitality Program, in Melbourne Australia.  For more information