The Courage Factor: Bonus Guest Presentation

01/09/2014 @ 7:15 pm – 8:15 pm Australia/Melbourne Timezone
181 Victoria Parade
Fitzroy VIC 3065
FREE to clients & guests of Diskin Life
Dina or Andrew
03 9417 7222


Everyone gets stuck at times in their life – stuck in a career they don’t like, stuck in an unhealthy friendship, stuck financially or just stuck generally, not going forward in life. Courage is the great enabler. It helps us face our fears and get unstuck.

What is courage? Are we born with it? Do we lose our courage as we mature? If we do, how do we get it back? Carolyn believes that courage is the most important human quality as it is the gateway to change, creativity, spirituality and finding purpose and meaning in our life and work. Courage is also the ingredient required to swim against the tide of conformity and to live a life that is true to yourself and not the life imposed on you by others.

In this presentation, Carolyn will explain her theory around The Courage Factor and why courage is the most vital human trait for living an expanded life that serves others. You’ll get to map out your own average courage factor and develop a plan to take the first step to a more courageous life.

Carolyn knows a thing or two about being stuck and finding courage. In 2010, after nine years of being a single mother to 12 year-old Billy, Carolyn was stuck and feeling like life was going nowhere. She’d lost all passion for her business, was suffering financially and was in an unhappy relationship. Within 90 days she’d sold the family home, given away most of her possessions, ended the relationship and was living in Aix en Provence, France with Billy.

While in France, she wrote Unstuck in Provence – The courage to start over, a revealing memoir of their experiences. Since returning to live in Melbourne in 2011, Carolyn has used courage as the basis for reinventing her business from the ground up.

Carolyn’s talks are tailored for corporate audiences, secondary school students and their parents, and conferences and events aimed at small business owners.