Introduction to Diskin Life: Guest Event

06/06/2022 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Australia/Melbourne Timezone
Diskin Life
181 Victoria Parade
Fitzroy VIC 3065
Nicole or Tilly

Introduction to Diskin Life
Talk and Demonstration

Break-Free from Recurring Cycles of Pain, Stress & Fatigue- then Thrive!

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An opportunity to

Gain an overview of what we do and how IT works
See a LIVE DEMONSTRATION of a Nerve System Adjustment
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Are you regularly run-down, stressed or exhausted?

Are you low in energy, focus and concentration?

Have you (or others) noticed your poor posture?

Can you see your quality of life slipping away?

Do you feel STUCK?

Do you feel you are living in recurring cycles of physical, mental or emotional pain or stress?

Life is pretty simple!
Your body gives you warning signs that it needs attention in the form of pain and stress. Often we ignore these signs, then consequently and gradually our quality of life decreases.

In this interactive 1.5 hour talk and demonstration, Australian-born, US trained Doctor of Chiropractic Ari Diskin will show you simple and easy ways to upgrade your body and mind.

You will discover:

  1. The repetitive cycles you are stuck in, and what you can do to break-free and thrive.
  2. Simple and powerful changes you can make to your: diet, exercise and mind.
  3. The critical role that the spine and nerve system play in achieving optimum health.
  4. Why and how the Diskin Life Integrative Chiropractic Care is a vital means in making sustainable changes.
  5. How IT works by watching a live demonstration.

At Diskin Life we focus on you breaking-free from recurring cycles of Pain, Stress and Fatigue- while positively influencing you to thrive!

What if…

you could transform pain to comfort, stress to ease, procrastination to performance, fatigue to vitality, frustration to connection and distraction to focus- in a natural, effective and sustainable way?

What if…

you could be, do and have strategies to upgrade your mind and body software to create fresh, previously unavailable resources, for you to Feel Better, Be Better and Live Better, so YOU CAN enjoy more vitality, adaptability, focus, happiness, resourcefulness, empowerment and potential!

This event is an overview of our 3 Step Vitality Process and is the most comprehensive way to see what we do and how it works.

Designed to cater to guests, and those not able to attend the regular Thursday Lifestyle Mastery presentations, and for anyone interested in further enriching their potential for a healthier living experience.

Special Guest Event-  with demonstrations of an Upgrade Nerve System Adjustment

FREE Event for Guests

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