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Diskin Life is a leading world-class Melbourne Chiropractic wellness centre, led by dynamic, passionate and innovative US trained Healthy Life Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Ari Diskin, with over 34 years professional experience. Our team members are all 100% service oriented and committed to helping you reach your health goals.

Diskin Life has an established reputation for providing high value, quality service, conveniently and comprehensively presented as our unique signature 3 Step Vitality Process, designed to empower you to express your potential to effectively and sustainably feel better, be better and live better.

The 3 Steps are Multi-dimensional, Natural, Effective, Measurable, Evidence Based and Sustainable.

Step one is our comprehensive state-of-the-art Life Assessment protocol.

Step two is our effective Integrative Chiropractic Life Upgrade sessions.

Step three is our empowering  Life Momentum Wellness Education; personal growth, development and lifestyle support events.

Our approach is based on Reorganizational Healing, designed to help you establish new options in your health and your life.  This is in contrast to much of the world’s “health” care, which is more of a Restorative Therapeutic  approach, designed to restore you back to your prior state, (which in some cases may be your best option).

Another distinction is our Salutogenic approach, that is focused on factors that support human health and well-being, rather than on factors that cause disease.

Some are calling our approach to optimizing performance potential, a secret body hack, like the effect of the pill in the move Limitless, without any dangerous drug side effects.

Our Melbourne Chiropractic centre is located conveniently in Fitzroy, just a short distance from the Melbourne CBD. The inviting and welcoming environment, is often referred to a peaceful and invigorating sanctuary, where a community of like-minded health seekers are inspired and supported toward advancing their health and wellbeing.

Client Focused Service

One of our strengths is is our passionate, talented and experienced professionals, who serve with smiles, enthusiasm, integrity and compassion.

We are committed to assisting each client fulfil their individual care and wellness goals; as we provide life enhancing care, advice and support, with clear communication, skill, and efficient user-friendly procedures.

Our physical centre is a life affirming nurturing environment and sanctuary for introspection, rejuvenation, and multi-dimensional self-healing

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