What are Health Food Essentials?

Any discussion about food can easily become a never ending story.  Here we will point out just a few of the many considerations.  As the term ‘essentials’ means, we are considering here the most basic fundamentals you can’t do without, as well as the ones you really should do without. These staples may be obvious […]

Melbourne Chiropractor Discusses Text Neck

When you’re in a public place, look around: How many people are hunching over a phone? Technology is transforming how we hold ourselves, contorting our bodies and potentially ruining our health, not to mention how you look and what your body language is saying (to the world and to yourself). Our modern lifestyles have made […]

Sigh Your Way to Health

Sigh Wall Street Journal February 16 2016

Be the Change: Conscious Living Magazine Winter 2015

Click here to download.

Melbourne Chiropractor Discusses Exercise: Start with Why

The most important consideration with exercise to begin with is WHY. This is the theme throughout this brief exercise article, which sets the foundation for better outcomes. What is exercise? Exercise is activity requiring physical effort. It is performed for a variety of reasons, to either feel, function or look better. It is popularly used […]

Melbourne Chiropractor Discusses Why and How Your Mind Matters

We live in such an outward world. Our senses are trained, by our societal cultural upbringing, to focus much of our attention toward life outside of us. We have little impact on this outside world, yet we respond and react to it with more of our resources than to our inner world. This inner world […]

Melbourne Chiropractor Discusses The Healthiest Diet

1. What is ‘the healthiest diet’? How can you work this out with so much information out there to decipher through?  That’s why you need professional advisers in all areas of life, to guide you through these maizes. To begin, there are three fundamentals to consider: a. We are all different, so how can there be […]

Melbourne Chiropractor Discusses Posture: Beyond just the Look

What is Posture? Posture is defined as a particular physical position a person holds their body in, as well as a particular mental approach or attitude a person can take.  Your posture also contributes to and reflects your inner wellbeing and state of mind, as well as how you may be perceived by others too. […]

Melbourne Chiropractor Discusses Healthy Eating

1. What is ‘healthy eating’? Healthy eating is determined by the foods that add to or subtract from your health.  They either nurture, support, cleanse and energize you; or strain, drain, clog and fatigue you. A major consideration for choosing the healthier options is the degree to which your food is processed.  Processing of food […]

Melbourne Chiropractor Discusses Exercise: Purposeful Intelligent Movement

What is Exercise? Exercise can be defined as a particular movement or series of movements, carried out to sustain or improve health, fitness and quality of life.  In practical terms, it includes your three Ts being your type, technique and timing, and most importantly why. Each of these elements are critical to your intended effectiveness, […]

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Network Care Basics: Respond Bet...
Feb 1 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Network Care Basics: Respond Better Client Presentation @ Fitzroy | Victoria | Australia
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Healthy Eating Basics: Client P...
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Healthy Eating Basics:  Client Presentation @ Fitzroy | Victoria | Australia
CLIENT ONLY EVENT What  “Health Food” Really Means    Discover your options, facts & myths. If you are what you eat, shouldn’t you first find out what “health food” really means?  If the authorities, advertising and labels[...]
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Healthy Eating Advanced: Client...
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Environment: Client Presentation
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